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“This is the real secret of LIFE – to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.” ALLAN WATTS


and this is annemarie, all playfully yours for this next hour in life of our universe together

and you are listening to a completely engaged in the here and now VENUSfrequency,

living and sharing

apop|culture way of the YOGA, Meditation & ENERGYworkerlifestyle,

… in support of a more mindful and healthier world

… todays musical works and plays, by






@RiccardoEberspacher, LIVIAcollins, GiovannaFAMULARI, RuggeroBRUNETTI, DJ RAVIN

@Blong:ish, Bahramji




@HaroldBudd, BrianENo, Ambient

@AvroPärt, PeterMinkler, Lura Johnson, InnerVOICE

ALL THAT YOU SEE OUT IN FRONT of you is how you feel inside your head – ALAN WATTS

And yes, there will or there is already a scent of ALAN WATTS in this show, there are also some great introductions of current pop|cultural yogic happenings in VIENNA, some PRAMAHANSA YOGANANDA channeling through his book AUTOBIOGRAPHy of a YOGI and who knows what other Vrittis will arise.

Buckle up, sharpen your ears, open your heart, calm your mind and broaden your horizon.

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Fremdmaterial in VENUSfrequency yogic edition MAY 24 2019
Final Movement 'not at home' by Clint Mansell ©
Mi Sueno by Populous ©
Debut by Melanie Laurent ©
Stronger Love by Gary B ©
N'oublie pas by Riccardo Eberdspacher, Livia Collins, Giovanna Famulari & Ruggero Brunetti ©
Omnipresent by Blond:ish, Bahramji ©
Slowing Down by Man of Ego ©
Roxanne by Future Soundscapes ©
Hindu Trip by BrunoSteele Music ©
Not Zet Remembered by Harold Budd, Brian Eno ©
Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Pärt, Peter Minkler, Lura Johnson ©