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Zu Gast in unserer Sendung war der Wiener Musiker „Parterre“.
Parterre über sich:

I release records
and perform livesets
of electronic music with rough edges and flaws
Once upon a time, caused by the lack of rehearsal space for a new band project, I was forced to practice guitar along with a software drum machine and got infected by the fascination of electronic music production at a sudden stroke. While the band plans have been abandoned very soon and my guitars kept on gathering dust in the corner, I became a lunatic collector of electronic music devices including drum machines, synths, eurorack modules and loads of software. While hanging out in the office by day, the nights are spent with carpentering techno-influenced soundscapes and arrangements. Despite becoming fascinated of the art of DJing too, I felt more attracted to a live performance approach when it came to bringing my musical ideas to stage. In 2017, I released my first selftitled EP and there are a lot more to come…..
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