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Don‘t give a f*ck! Never give up!

A glance back at festival TRESK in Ljubljana and a peek to upcoming crazyness at HYPERREALITY festival in Vienna.
We’ll serve a wild Mixtape including Agnes Hvizdalek Susanna & Gartmayer, FFX, ŠećeЯ, New Wave Syria, Rare Form, BEARCAT, JANA RUSH, LYZZA, 700 Bliss, m.m. …

HYPERREALITY brings all the feminists, boyz, gurls, butches, dykes, queers to the yard. No its not a queer-festival, it is all about music and utopia on the dance floor. It started last year as an offspring of Wiener Festwochen and went independent after some organizational restructuring. Open your ears for avantgarde dance music from around the globe from 17.-18. / 24.-25. MAI 2019

TRESK 2019 was already the 10th festival of Radio Študent, the student & community radio of Ljubljana. Radio Študent is very keen on pushing the alternative Slovenian music scene with various actions. One is Tresk, a two-day event dedicated to local record labels & artists. They have even their own label, ZARŠ records and the Klubski Marathon, a series of events around the country, for newcomers.

VERENA ZEINER initiated FRAUFELD. It is an Austrian collective to bringe more visibility and listeners for female* artists inbetween improvisation, experimental and new music. The Compilation Vol 2 originated from live recording sessions „Fraufeld Fieldwork“. Presentation 18.6. Sargfabrik Wien. Aufgenommen bei

700 Bliss – DJ Haram / Moor Mother


Jana Rush

Laurel Halo

Ludovik Material




New Wave Syria

Rare Forms



1) ŠećeЯ „Meni Nikad Nije Dosta“ (Prokulica Records 2018) SPRICH SHAICHER
2) FFX „Crossroad“ (Napp Records 2018)
3) Ludovik Material „Večerni program“ (Kapa Records 2012) Übersetzt: Abendprogramm
4) New Wave Syria „Beat Me Up“ (self release 2013)= Duo
5) Rare Form „Nervous Laughter“ [Excerpt] (Wishfull Thinking 2018)
6) Agnes Hvizdalek & Susanna Gartmayer „Helium-Muehle“ – Fraufeld Vol. 1 Compilation (Freifeld Tonträger 2017)
7) Strings & Noise „Joan Jett Kicks Off Her Boots Finishes Her Beer And Takes A Deep Breath“ – Fraufeld Vol. 1 Compilation (Freifeld Tonträger 2017)
8) Bearcat „Viva“ – Physically Sick 2 Compilation (2018)
9) Lyzza „Girls R Us“ (LANDR 2018)
10) Jana Rush „No Fuks Given“ (Objects 2016)
11) 700 Bliss „Ring the Alarm“ (DON GIOVANNI 2018)
12) Laurel Halo „Excerpt From An Open Letter To John Paul II“ – Physically Sick 2 Compilation (2018)

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„Meni Nikad Nije Dosta“ by ŠećeЯ ©
„Crossroad“ by FFX ©
„Večerni program“ by Ludovik Material ©
„Beat Me Up“ by New Wave Syria ©
„Nervous Laughter“ by Rare Form ©
„Helium-Muehle“ by Agnes Hvizdalek & Susanna Gartmayer ©
„Joan Jett Kicks Off Her Boots Finishes Her Beer And Takes A Deep Breath“ by Strings & Noise ©
„Viva“ by Bearcat ©
„Girls R Us“ by Lyzza ©
„No Fuks Given“ by Jana Rush ©
„Ring the Alarm" by 700 Bliss ©
„Excerpt From An Open Letter To John Paul II“ by Laurel Halo ©