• VENUSfrequency yogic edition MAR 22 2019
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Reading out of the fascinating book

CHASING RHINOS WITH THE SWAMI, Volume1 by Shyamasundar Das, aka Sam Speerstra and you can find out more about him and this book via www.chasingrhinos.com.

TODAY with a special studio guest, my dear friend and RADIOMACHER of the show that always follows mine here on the live airwaves of RADIOorange, FM94.0 wien and online at www.o94.at …. The one and only NIGEL A. JAMES, of TRAM 49… reading also out of that said book…

And at the end of this show that brave soul Nigel will be meditating on his CHAKRAS, the subtle human Energy channels with us.

… our kirtan today is ensambled of music by these

We should always be enthusiastic to try to capturing the rhinoceros. That way, if we fail, everyone will say, “Never mind,nobody can catch a rhinoceros anyway,” and if we succeed, then everyone will say,”Just see what a wonderful thing they have done!”
– A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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Krishnaś Dub by Dj Drey, Marti Nikko ©
Bow Down Mister by Boy George ©
Prabhupada Padma by Rasa ©
All we ever look for by Kate Bush ©
Hari bol by Kula Shaker ©
Hare Krisna by Thievery Corporation ©
Baba Hanuman by Krishna Das ©
I am Love by Dj Drey, Marti Nikko ©
Mz Sweet Lord by George Harrison ©
Healing by Veet Vhchara, Premanjali ©