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The plumber treats you like a clueless kid? The doctor asks unnecessary questions concerning your relationships? The hairdresser turns out to be racist? You never know where to go or who to call if you need something specific? You’re always anxious that you might unknowingly invite a racist or homo- or trans*phobic person into your home?

The website Feminist Yellow Pages assembles people providing services in and around Vienna, who are (queer)feminist and disapprove of racism and Islamophobia, sexism and misogyny, homo- and trans*phobia, ableism, classism, ageism, lookism and other forms of discrimination.

An interview with the founder of the platform Feminist Yello Pages, Sina Wurm.



Polyrhythmics – Octagon – El Fuego
Ebow – Punani Power


Produced by: Ilona Toller