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1h goes International!

Finally, the time has come to take the next step and to make an attempt at reaching a wider audience with 1h.
During the last year, the programme has grown and exceeded the level of an unimportant, local radio show, only aiming at a friendly fanbase, consisting of family members and fromer schoolmates by far and it is craving for a chance to develop and prove itself.
It is clear that at this point, actions have to been taken and so, for a first move, I will break through the most basic barrier – the language.

But again, I need help for this. Bernhard Costusca, working colleague and friend, who has (nearly) lived in Dubai for a long time and moved his life center from the faraway Niederösterreich (downaustria) to Graz just a few years ago, definitely knows what „international“ means.

Together, side by side, we walk this path, that has given itself an opening and search for what we will find…

1h English – a language experiment.

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