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„when I was born – I was a refugee. Due to conflict in Afghanistan, I went to Iran, there I was refugee too – when I turn back to Afghanistan, again because of worst society situation – I became refugee to Austria. I flied to Europe in order to pave the way for my two daughters – I had no identity either in Afghanistan or in Iran but I won’t see my daughter’s future as I have already experienced and suffered.” Said Ms. Faiqa Hemati in Saia Roshan program by Ramin Siawash at Radio Orange 94.0


Taliban are the worst people in the world – they are not human and they have even not any kind of respect to humanity, especially for women in Afghanistan. Ms. Hemati is sharing one of her childhood’s memory through this interview that how a failed Talib (a Taliban member) has tried to punish her and how her mom defends!

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21. Februar 2019
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