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The Teds subculture came from England, where it developed in London in the early 1950s and swept the island, thereafter. The fashion was long jackets (Drapes), tight trousers (drainpipes), crepe-soled shoes, slim jim ties, and a waistcoat. Topped off with a Tony Curtis hairstyle – a quiff, with a Ducktail at the back. King Edward VII (reign 1901-1910) was the namesgiver to Britain´s first youth subculture. On September 23rd 1953 the Daily Express Newspaper shortened Edward to Teddy, added the Boys – hence the name for these youngsters – Teddy Boys. „In terms of English Teenagers Teddy Boys were the start of everything: Rock & Roll and coffee bars, clothes and bikes and language, jukeboxes and coffee with froth on it – the whole concept of a private teen life style, seperate from the adult world.“ (Nik Cohn) Rock & Roll and the Teds became entwined, and would forver remain strongly connected. In the lean years of Classic Rock & Roll, the mid-1960s when the British groups had swept American Rock & Roll out of the jukeboxes, radio and the charts: The Teds organized, like the North Finchley Rock & Roll Preservation Society, met in back rooms of pubs and appeared once more in their fineries – the velvet drapes and spangled waistcoats and righs, and their hair, or what was left of it, still thick with grease, and sideburns which would make ´General Sideburn´- the alleged namegiver for it, proud. Sitting in corners speaking of Eddie Cochran, or James Dean and Mamie Van Doren, remembering a bygone age, when men were men and died as they lived …
Over sixty years on – The Ted cult has become international – Teddy Boy Rock & Roll bands such as Lou Cifer & The Hellions or Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers keep the Rock & Roll flag flying. Otto Fuchs explores the music, lifestyle, and history of this British subculture in Volume 6 of „Keep On Rockin´“ on Radio Orange.

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Keep On Rockin´ by The Teencats ©
Teddy Boy Rock & Roll by Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers ©
Rock Around The Clock by Bill Haley & His Comets ©
Let It Rock by Chuck Berry ©
That'll Be The Day by Buddy Holly ©
Who Do You Love? by BO DIDDLEY ©
Long Tall Sally by Little Richard ©
C'Mon Everybody by Eddie Cochran ©
Say Mama by Gene Vincent ©
Little Cutie by Sally Kelly ©
Sixteen Reasons by Marion Ryan ©
I´m In Love Again by Alma Cogan ©
Boogie Bop Dame by Crepes & Drapes ©
Town Of Rock & Roll by Black Knights ©
Hold Me Tight by Foggy Mountain Rockers ©
I Don´t Want Your Rockin´ Love by Freddie Fingers Lee ©
A Teddy Boy´s Prayer by Lou Cifer & The Hellions ©