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  • 2018 12 Medicine, Back pain, What really helps
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Back pain is a topic that interests millions of people. Back pain affects almost all adult men and women at least once in their lifetime. What does really help?
All of the following has been tested:
Two classes of specialised tablets do not help. And pain relievers (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; NSAIDs) help only in every sixth case.
Injections help for one month, then make the situation worse at month three, and after one year, it is a zero-sum game. There is no difference compared with placebo injections. Radiofrequency ablation does not help. There is no difference with placebo radiofrequency ablation.
Chiropractic spinal manipulation treatment helps moderately, but also causes frequent and moderate side effects.
Dear listeners, I am really sorry that I must disappoint you (and me, too, because I have back pain).
But the best treatment is what we have all heard from our mothers and fathers and later from our general practitioners (GPs):
Sit straight. Sleep in a good bed. Be physically active a lot or exercise a lot. Do back exercises.