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Everything about Deez Nuts and their frontman/founder, JJ Peters, can almost be simplified down to these four lines. It is tucked away towards the back of their new and third album ‘Bout It’, which is without any doubt the best record their now infamous career. And the track, “Live Your Life”, just reiterates the point that the haters seem to miss, but also that makes the true fan love them more with every fist-pumping anthem they produce. The point is that Deez Nuts are gonna do things their way and they don’t give a fuck if you disagree. # Counterparts are a Canadian hardcore punk band formed in 2007 in Hamilton, Ontario which currently consists of vocalist Brendan Murphy, guitarists Adrian Lee and Blake Hardman, bassist Tyler Williams and drummer Kyle Brownlee. Their two most recent albums, released through Victory Records and Pure Noise Records, have received critical acclaim from Rock Sound and Exclaim! magazines. They are among the most visible bands within contemporary melodic hardcore. # Dead Like Juliet is a six-piece heavy music outfit from northern Italy. Their sound is defined by melodic hooks and singalongs alongside heavy growls and groovy riffs. Unlike other Hardcore bands, DLJ shapes their raw sound with atmospheric keys and synths. Their songs talk about political topics, personal issues, and more philosophical problems. ## http://pmk.or.at/events/deez-nuts-counterparts-dead-juliet