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MOOC: Gender and Migration

MOOC („Minorities“ as Opportunity and Occasion for Chrysalis) is an Eramsus+ long-term project which aims at developing a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for professionals: Youth or Social workers, Teachers and Educators. In May 2018 Tania Napravnik participated as a Südwind-delegate the MOOC-training course in Amarante (Portugal). Within this week she asked five women with migration background to tell their stories in reference to the term „minority“ and share their opinions about social inclusion in Europe.

Broadcastproduction: Tania Napravnik

With: Cátia Pereira and Bianca Lemus- CAAT Projects, Sihame „Li“ and Fatima Al Fahsi, Sasha „Alexandra Filcakova“-InformaGiovani

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