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We are proud to have an very active radio maker of Radiofabrik, music connoisseur and collector, record dealer and submarine expert as our April guest: Phillip Lyness!
You might know him from fleamarkets and record conventions, as a DJ or as host of one of his THREE (!) radioshows on Radiofabrik Salzburg (as there are the punkrock shows „Punk In A Box“ and „Teenage Kicks“, and the Northern Soul Nite, whom you all find in the show section on www.radiofabrik.at!)!
As Phil came to Festspieltown from far far away Brexit island and is already here for a quite long time, he’s qualified to answer some questions about life in Austria, in Salzburg and how the hell he could end up here!
If you are interested in a different perspective on Salzburg, from outside looking in, and speak a lil English, you should tune in and take part in our late night talk in between aliens, whose fate brought em to the city of Mozart! We also touch Record Store Day, the IRA and Falkland war, the Brexit and voting as an Ex Pat in the EU, the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan and a lot more only an Irish sailor can talk about!
Full show in English, except for „Kriegsmarine“ and „ein bisschen“…
Have your dictionaries ready, ladies and gentlemen!


  1. Sting – Englishman In New York
  2. Morrissey – Irish Blood, English Heart
  3. Status Quo – In The Army Now
  4. Soho Dolls – Prince Harry
  5. Abwärts – Traumhochzeit
  6. Joy Division – Transmission
  7. Kenny Kenny Oh Oh – Don’t Put A Ring On It


28.05.2018, 22.00-24.00 Uhr, PHOTOGRAPHIC, mit den Fotografen Arne Müseler und Chris Gütl!