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The Endless Summer
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The Endless Summer radio show on Freirad remembers Dennis Wilson
Remembering Carl Wilson
Mike Randle of LOVE / Revisited and Baby Lemonade new album release on the Endless Summer radio show on Freirad
Happy birthday to us! Our 2nd anniversary show!
The Richard X. Heyman tribute from the Endless Summer radio show!
Paul Meagher of The Newds and guest- Live on the Endless Summer radio show on Freirad
Shut up and play some music, would ya?
Get away from it all - join DJ Mark David on a trip to The Nearest Faraway Place
The Endless Summer radio show on Freirad pays tribute to Sean O´Hagan
The fantastic Fast Camels visit The Endless Summer radio show

Southern California, that land of constant sunshine, soft sandy beaches, surfing and swimsuits, condensed into an aural form. ENDLESS SUMMER is a laidback musical trip to a harmonious vacation that never ends.

The California lifestyle is more than just surfing, cars and girls, although they play a big role.

It´s all about the sun, fun fun fun and youth when in the sky, and relationships, longing, growing up and introspection, when it comes down. Allegorically, sunrise invariably gives way to sunset, and the shades and storms that accompany it provide a contrast that we all can feel.

ENDLESS SUMMER takes Freirad´s listeners to a place geographically far from Innsbruck but near to all who have the warmth of the sun in their hearts.


The playlist from Endless Summer´s first ever show on March 27th:

Whistle In – Beach Boys
Hushabye – Beach Boys
Please Let Me Wonder – Beach Boys
Busy Doing Nothing – Beach Boys

Friends – Beach Boys
Little Bird – Beach Boys
Hang Onto Your Ego – Frank Black
ID Sean O´Hagan
Anna Lee the Healer – The High Llamas
Windchimes / Wonderful – Baby Lemonade
Hold on Dear Brother – Beach Boys

Endless Harmony – Free Design
Solar System – Beach Boys
Long Promised Road – Beach Boys
Kevin Aper ID
Surf City – Ramones

Water Builds Up – Brian Wilson (never officially released, from Sweet Insanity album)
Cool, Cool Water – Beach Boys
Lonely Sea – Beach Boys

Thanks to everyone that listened! The next Endless Summer radio show on Freirad is April 24th, 2018 at 22:00 CET.

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