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Hey! You are listening to the first episode of Internet 404. This podcast is dealing with net politics and internet safety. In every episode we meet an NGO representative or net political player from Austria.

Today we are talking with Klaudia aka Jinxx from the Viennese Chapter of Chaos Computer Club.

This podcast is produced by a group of students from the University of Arts and Design in Linz in a class by Magdalena Reiter.

CC BY 4.0 Alexandra Aschberger, Lisa Bickel, Philipp Feichtinger, Clara Puller, Julia del Río, Qian Xu and Zeynab Zarringhoba

More information for teachers and parents (German only): Chaos macht Schule Linksammlung

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30. März 2018
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30. März 2018
Politik Medienpolitik
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Alexandra Aschberger, Clara Puller, Julia Del Río, Lisa Bickel, Philipp Feichtinger, Qian Xu, Zeynab Zarringhoba
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