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Austrias finest punkrockers (per our definition!), DeeCRACKS, released a new album, called „Sonic Delusions“ (out on Pirates Press Records). If you translate the title to German it means roughly „Schallwahn“ or „Schallende Wahnvorstellungen“.

Delusions generally being impressions which can fool someone or make believe something, which might not be there… Delusions of lunacy, so to say, or maybe even delusions of grandeur?
As this album is a, if not their, masterpiece the grandeur won’t stay delusion for any longer. At least in our humble opinion!

„Sonic Delusions“ already hitted the Austrian Indie Charts, got the record deal with famous Japanese and American labels and brought us 3 singles/videos to spread the sonic wall being the DeeCracks!

Good enough for us to call Matt DeeCrack for a track by track interview on „Sonic Delusions“, to get to the core of this milestone of Austrian punkrock and get some insights on inspiration, influences and writing processes of each and every song on the album!

The show is in full English, as we want the DeeCracks fans all over the world to be able to listen and to share the wisdom and the rock’n’roll gospel Matt will preach to us!


  1. Standing On My Head – DeeCracks
  2. Step 4 – DeeCracks
  3. Mentalane – DeeCracks
  4. All Along – DeeCracks
  5. Left Out Of Mind – DeeCracks
  6. Shambles – DeeCracks
  7. Montreal Nights – DeeCracks
  8. Mexican Stand-Off – DeeCracks
  9. It’s Been A While – DeeCracks
  10. On Your Own – DeeCracks
  11. Substitute – DeeCracks
  12. Holiday Season – DeeCracks
  13. Do Anything You Wanna Do – DeeCracks

*All songs from the new album „Sonic Delusions“ (Vinyl: Pirates Press Records, USA / CD: Dumb Records, Japan)!