Nr.196 THE ROCKING 50s MIDWEST Rockabilly 2. Kansas City 2.

Rocking 50s
  • Track 1
Nr. 305 The Rocking 50s.....Step It Up And Go
Nr. 304 The Rocking 50s.... A Rockin` Little Tune
Nr. 303 The Rocking 50s....Red Hot
Nr. 302 The Rocking 50s.... Little Red Wagon
Nr. 301 The Rocking 50s.... Rockabilly
Nr. 300 The Rocking 50s.... Sophrine
Nr. 299 The Rocking 50s... Dig That Crazy Moon
Nr. 298 The Rocking 50s... Courtin Under The Moon
Nr. 297 The Rocking 50s... Blue Moon Baby
Nr. 296 The Rocking 50s.... Memorial 1960-65

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Rare Kansas City Hill-Rockabillies 1955-61.

  1. Milt Dickey                        Check Book Baby
  2. Chuck Bowers                   Pig Ben Boogie
  3. West Port Kids                  Your Kisses Turned Sour
  4. James and Martha            I´m Gonna let it Shine
  5. Lee Voorhies                      Lood Up My Blues
  6. Gene Mc Known                Little Mary
  7. Lee Finn                              High Class Baby
  8. Jim Mc Donald                  Hold Me Tight
  9. Jim Mc Donald                  My Baby She´s Rockin
  10. Gene Chapman                  Oklahoma Blues
  11. Alvis Wayne                       Don´t Mean Mayby Baby
  12. Alvis Wayne                       Swing Bop Boogie
  13. Zig Dillon                            Down The Line
  14. Connie and the Bellhops  Shot Rod
  15. Little Man Henry               Wailin Wildcat
  16. Lee Dresser                         Wiggle Little Baby
  17. Larry Goode                        Pick Up Your Hammer
  18. Larry Goode                        There is The Blues
  19. Conny and the Bellhops   Bopsticks
  20. Gene Mc Known                Rockabilly Rhythm
  21. Lee Finn                              Put Me a Glass of Wine

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