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Trump, an opportunity to dodge the US Supremacy on the world.

As far as we know, the world is falling not because of Donald Trump but because of the lack of leadership and vision of the rest of the world leaders. On almost all the main world geostrategical issues : economy, war and peace, ecology, etc. we are witness of the emptiness of our leaders. During the visit of the US President to Pope Francis, the Pope gave him amongst others documents the encyclical « Laudato si‘ » on climate change. This document is the official doctrine of the Vatican state on this topic. All the diplomatic apparatus of the Vatican is dedicated to promote and implement this policy near and within others states. The Pope himself, head of the Vatican state promoted this vision to Donald Trump.

What about the others Heads of States ? Since months we are listening world leaders complaining and crying like babies just because Donald Trump seems not to be a green President with a United States leadership on green policy for instance. Trump want to quit the COP 21 deal wich is a new global agreement on green policy since 2015. The G7 summit this week-end in Taormine (Italy) is considered to be a total failure because of the attitude of Trump and his  announcement  that the United States will decide this week if they leave COP 21. What is the problem if only one teenage of 70 years old is whining loudly in the locker room if the rest of the team is doing the job ? This is the point, what our leaders are doing on this topic ? Westerns leaders and African leaders. Are they so busy that they can not understand that this « emptiness » of Trump is an opportunity for the rest of the world ? Are they not enough intelligent to shape a fair global policy and go forward without the leadership of the US and even to force the US to be a follower ? Obviously they are also empty-suits.

On this topic and others, it is obvious that African countries are out of the game even if they are first victims of global climate change but also first beneficiaries of it if what is necessary to be done are implemented. Moreover, instead of a fair relation of cooperation and mutual benefits between European countries and African countries we are witness of a course to the americanization of the EU countries diplomacy in the wrong direction. Since a couple of years EU diplomacy and EU countries individually are implementing a policy of control and destabilisation within embargo and others kind of sanctions toward states or specific peoples.This week for instance, the EU diplomacy decided to make new sanctions against 9 persons who are currently or were in the past in the government of DR Congo. The argument is that they are or were involved in political repression and strategies to postponed presidential election in DR Congo. On which legitimacy EU countries are acting like that ?

We have to clear if democracy is only a matter of election, obviously it is not. We have to clear our goals and specific function of election in the nation or state building, which is quite a bit different of the western ideological and fundamentalist understanding of democracy or election. European countries and the US have to clear in their mind that it is not with bombs and imperialist policy that democracy blossom out. Europeans leaders have to clear in their minds that there is more important issues and priorities than election or democracy. Anyway, african leaders already knows what is in the mind of G7 countries. It is up to them to help EU leadership to take the right direction. So in the nowadays geopolitical mess who is guilty ? Governments of african countries or the lack of leadership of the africans civil society ? I suppose the last one.