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Fifty years of music history have come to an end this year when BLACK SABBATH concluded their final tour, simply dubbed „The End“, in Birmingham, England.

In the beginning John Michael „Ozzy“ Osbourne, Frank Anthony „Tony“ Iommi, Terence Michael Joseph „Geezer“ Butler and William Thomas „Bill“ Ward laid the foundation for what would come to be known as Heavy Metal.

Part Two highlights the second coming for Sabbath with the arrival of Ronnie James Dio on vocals in 1980 as well as the turbulent years after the falling out with Dio in late 1982.

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Die Young by Black Sabbath ©
Neon Knights by Black Sabbath ©
Lonely Is the Word by Black Sabbath ©
Heaven and Hell by Black Sabbath ©
I Don't Know by Ozzy Osbourne ©
Mr. Crowley by Ozzy Osbourne ©
Turn Up the Night by Black Sabbath ©
Voodoo by Black Sabbath ©
The Mob Rules by Black Sabbath ©
Falling Off the Edge of the World by Black Sabbath ©
Children of the Sea (live) by Black Sabbath ©
Stand Up and Shout by Dio ©
Holy Diver by Dio ©
The Dark / Zero the Hero by Black Sabbath ©
Digital Bitch by Black Sabbath ©
Am I Evil? by Diamond Head ©
Battle of Pride by Pretty Maids ©
Sphinx (The Guardian) / Seventh Star by Black Sabbath ©
Danger Zone (live 1986) by Black Sabbath ©
Lone Justice by Anthrax ©
I Wanna Be Somebody by W.A.S.P. ©
The Shining by Black Sabbath ©
When Death Calls by Black Sabbath ©
Bewitched by Candlemass ©