Poetry Cafe 73: The 1960s (3): 1963

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Poetry Cafe: The 1960s (no.3: 1963)

Playlist: texts read and music played

1. Sam Cooke: Twistin‘ the Night Away
2. Beatles: Twist and Shout
3. Eddie Cochran: Summertime Blues
4. Roy Orbison: It’s Over
5. Roger McGough: Bestlooking Girl (poem)
6. Alison Pressley (comment)
7. The Shangri-Las: Leader of the Pack
8. Beach Boys: Surfin‘ USA
9. Lawrence Lerner: Midnight Swim (poem)
10. Stevie Smith: ‚Not Waving But Drowning‘ (poem)
11. R.G. Grant: The Sixties (quotation)
12. Gerry and the Pacemakers: You’ll Never Walk Alone
13. Beatles: Roll Over Beethoven
14. Beatles: I Wanna Hold Your Hand
15. George Melly: Revolt into Style (quotation)
16. Derek Jewell: article in the Sunday Times, Sept. 15 1963 (extract)
17. Dominic Sandbrook: The Great British Dream Factory (extract)
18. Beatles: Money
19. Philip Larkin: Money (poem)
20. Richard Davenport-Hines: An English Affair – Sex, Class and Power in the Age of Profumo (extract)
21. The Searchers: Needles and Pins
22. Philip Larkin: Annus Mirabilis (poem)
23. Alison Pressley (comment)
24. Bob Dylan: The Times They Are A‘ Changin‘

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  1. Great stuff, Sandra and Andrew! Not only revisiting – a trip down memory lane (and how welcome that is!) – but also an invitation to reconsider/rethink the most eventful decade I’ve lived through – much food for thought! Rob Hill
    PS I have listened to 3 of your programmes on the 60s. I guess there are more to come?


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