Poetry Cafe 72: The The 1960s (2): The American Influence on British Pop Culture

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  • 60s part 2
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Poetry Cafe: The 1960s (no. 2)
The American Influence on British Pop Culture

Playlist: Texts read and Music played

1. Connie Francis: Lipstick on Your Collar
2. Vernon Scannell: The Jealous Wife (poem)
3. Doris Day: Que sera, sera
4. Everly Brothers: Wake Up, Little Susie
5. Bill Haley and the Comets: Rock Around the Clock
6. Chuck Berry: Johnny B. Goode
7. Interview with Chuck Berry (transcribed)
8. Arthur Marwick: The Sixties (quotation)
9. John Osborne: Look Back in Anger (extract)
10. Elvis Presley: Return to Sender
11. Thom Gunn: Elvis Presley (poem)
12. John Street (quotation from article)
13. Thom Gunn: On the Move (poem)
14. Allen Ginsberg: Howl (extract from poem)
15. Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Come lie with me (poem)
16. Jack Kerouac: A woman is beautiful (poem)
17. The Crystals: He’s a Rebel
18. The Chiffons: He’s so Fine
19. Don McLean: American Pie
20. Buddy Holly: It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
21. Nat King Cole: Too Young
22. Bobby Vee: Rubber Ball
23. Dion: The Wanderer
24. Del Shannon: Runaway
25. Trini Lopez: La Bamba
26. Chris Montez: Let’s Dance
27. Little Eva: The Loco-Motion
28. Chubby Checker: Let’s Twist Again

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