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JOURNEY rose to fame by the late 70s with the arrival of a new singer, Steve Perry. This collaboration lasted two decades and spawned some of the world’s most popular and successful rock albums. This episode is dedicated to the body of work that Journey created with their classic singer Steve Perry and retraces the evolution of their unmistakable sound and songs.

Fremdmaterial in Journey Special (Ep. 003, 09-16-2017)
Majestic by Journey ©
Wheel In The Sky by Journey ©
Feeling That Way by Journey ©
Just the Same Way by Journey ©
Any Way You Want It by Journey ©
Precious Time by Journey ©
Little Girl by Journey ©
Lovin, Touchin', Squeezin' (live) by Journey ©
Supernatural Lover by Velocity ©
Paradise by Paradise ©
Crockett's Theme by Jan Hammer ©
Keep on Running by Journey ©
Still They Ride by Journey ©
Don't Stop Believin' (live) by Journey ©
Chain Reaction by Journey ©
Faithfully by Journey ©
Frontiers by Journey ©
Surrender to Me by Boston ©
Suzanne by Journey ©
Raised on Radio by Journey ©
Happy to Give by Journey ©
Message of Love by Journey ©
Can't Tame the Lion by Journey ©
Embryonic Journey by Jefferson Airplane ©
Distant Memory by Harem Scarem ©
Lights by Journey ©