• Savatage Feature (First Episode, 08-15-2017)
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Let there be light.
Let there be SOUND.
Let there be ROCK!!

Get on an exciting journey.
All-time classics, fan favorites, deep cuts, hidden gems and modern treasures are ready to ROCK your WORLD!

Tune in to “RAISED ON ROCK“ on Campus & City Radio 94.4 – you don’t want to miss this!

Fremdmaterial in Savatage Feature (First Episode, 08-15-2017)
Time to Burn by Giant ©
Abandon by Dare ©
Rhythm from a Red Car by Hardline ©
Cryin' by Vixen ©
Stone in Love by Journey ©
Foreplay / Long Time by Boston ©
Burn by Toto ©
Love Don't Lie by Def Leppard ©
Down Incognito by Winger ©
Lucky Ones by Loverboy ©
Ready by Foreigner ©
Into the Night by Dakota ©
Julia Ann by Velocity ©
Devil's Got a New Disguise by Aerosmith ©
Lost in Paradise by Giant ©
Silk and Steel by Savatage ©
Power of the Night by Savatage ©
Skull Session by Savatage ©
Strange Wings by Savatage ©
Hall of the Mountain King by Savatage ©
American Beauty by Mr. Big ©
Open Your Heart by Europe ©
Dangerous Tonight by Alice Cooper ©
Fire Woman by The Cult ©
The Garden by Guns N' Roses ©
Temptation Revelation by Savatage ©
When the Crowds Are Gone by Savatage ©
Hounds by Savatage ©
Gutter Ballet by Savatage ©
Cinnamon Street by Roxette ©
Oceans by Pearl Jam ©
Tones of Home by Blind Melon ©
Hard Sun by Eddie Vedder ©
St. George and the Dragon (live) by Toto ©
I Can't Drive 55 by Sammy Hagar ©
Another Hit and Run by Def Leppard ©
Runnin' Out by Chickenfoot ©
Ramble On by Led Zeppelin ©
Be Good to Yourself (2008 re-recording) by Journey ©