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The 1960s (1): Britain 1959 – 1962 (From Austerity to Affluence)

Playlist (Texts read and Music played)

1. Acker Bilk: ‚Stranger on the Shore‘
2. Helen Shapiro: ‚Walking Back to Happiness‘
3. Arthur Marwick: ‚The 1960s‘ (extract)
4. Lonnie Donegan: ‚My Old Man’s a Dustman‘
5. John Osborne: ‚Look Back in Anger‘ (extract)
6. Paul Muldoon: ‚Cuba‘ (poem)
7. Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen: ‚Midnight in Moscow‘
8. Peter Porter: ‚Your Attention Please‘
9. John Betjeman: ‚The Dear Old Village‘
10. Tom Lehrer: ‚So Long, Mom, I’m off to drop the bomb!‘
11. Adam Faith: ‚What do you want (if you don’t want money)?‘
12. The Tornados: ‚Telstar‘
13. Frankie Vaughan: ‚Tower of Strength‘
14. Cliff Richard: ‚The Young Ones‘
15. ‚Lady Chatterley’s Lover‘-Trial (extract)
16. Adam Faith: ‚Poor Me‘
17. Helen Shapiro: ‚You Don’t Know‘
18. Christopher Booker: ‚The Neophiliacs‘ (extract)
19. Colin MacInnes: ‚Absolute Beginners‘ (extract)
20. Edwin Morgan: ‚The Death of Marilyn Monroe‘ (poem)
21. Marlyn Monroe: ‚Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend‘

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