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Weel – EP the Path – The Change

Bent Knee – LP Animal – Hole-Holy Ghost-The Well

The Jam – Single- Town called Malice – Precorious

North Atlantic Oscillation – LP The Third Day – A Nice little Place – Penrose – Do Something Useful

Second Relation – LP+Nr ENO

Rolling Stones – LP Live at the Tokio Dome – Happy – It´s only Rock´n Roll

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The Change by Weel ©
Hole by Bent Knee ©
Holy Ghost by Bent Knee ©
The Well by Bent Knee ©
Town Called Malice by The Jam ©
Precorious by The Jam ©
Nice little Place by North Atlantic Oscillation ©
Penrose by North Atlantic Oscillation ©
Do Something Useful by North Atlantic Oscillation ©
Eno by Second Relation ©
Happy by The Rolling Stones ©
It's Only Rock'n Roll (But I Like It) by The Rolling Stones ©