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WHEN THE STUDENT IS READY, the teacher will appear….

You are listening to VENUSfrequency, the yogic edition, this is annemarie, bringing you a pop|culture take on the yoga, meditation and REIKI energy lifestyle, in support of a more mindful world.

And what is currently rocky my world, is the YIN YOGA world to be exact. I was so fortunate to spend last week in 50 hours of in person training with my new YIN Guru, the great MARCUS HENNING Giess and guess what…..

Todays show is all about yin, all about this wonderfully talented new teacher of mine, all about his lineage and teachers, Paul & Suzie Griellie and Sarah Powers, all about the YIN & the Yang, the seeking of harmony within, the passive, slow, moon, female side of things and then we will find a a little story of finding a guru sprinkled over somewhere inbetween.

A very yin and calming playlist filled with soft and gentle world contemporary tunes will underlie it all. Find a copy of that same exact playlist on my personal venusFREQUENCY spotify platform and in general follow, like, and comment on facebook and instagram. I like that interaction. Its community, and we should and could really use this platforms to communicate.

And for now, YIN it out in the soft, the opposite of the male, the SUN, fire, hollow, active and hot side of things, but also remember that EXTREMES are easy and that BALANCE is what to strive for.

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Glorious Sun Remix by Laya Project ©
Falling, Catching by Agnes Obel ©
Come On feat. Dave Ghetto - Instrumental by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince ©
Sleepy Meadows of Buxton by Fenomenon ©
Naked Spirit by Sainkho Namtchylak ©
Garden of Percussion by Clive Wright ©
Waldsyene, Op. 82 Eintritt im Walde by Robert Schumann ©
Balabaristas by Tristeza ©
Dance in zour Skin by Random Rab ©
Arabesque1 by Harold Budd ©
Devi Prayer by Craig Pruess & Ananada ©
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