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Today: Rasta Hill Camp invited to the fith Birthday of Hill Vibes Festival in Telfs. Stars and Audiance came and puted Telfs in Fire.

Catched Emotions and Vibes got caught and are shared on this show: Check out: DweetAZ, Innfaya,Rekall, Beatpuzzler. LS Str8cut, Rebel Musig, Shanti Powa, Cham, Randy Valentine, Anthony B and Michael Rose. Pics under instagram jaxrasta

On Mic, Your Jax

Intro: Rekall Warmup

Rekall: Vocal „Is a Reggae Music“

Jah Sun: Love Courancy

Interview: Jah Sun & wish

Shanti Powa: „Peaceful warrior“

Interview: Shanti Powa & wish

Shanti Powa: „hit you with that“

Local Artists Interviews:

Innfaya Crew



LS Str8cut

John Dizzy Rebel Musig

Cham: Announcement Hill Vibes 2017

Interview: Cham & wish

Cham: Lawless „Hero“

Interview Rekall & wish

Damien Marley: Stony Hill „Nail Pon Cross“

Interview Randy Valentine & wish

Randy Valentine: „It takes time“

Interview Anthony B & wish

Anthony B: Tears of Lov „Best of the Best“

Michael Rose Speechcut & wish

Mykal Rose: Strategy of Rome „Wish of Live“