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We had the pleasure to meet Cj Ramone on his current European Tour with the new album „American Beauty“ (out on Fat Wreck!). Originally we were given like the average 30 minute interview slot, but we ended up with over an hour of quite good and interesting punkrock talk, and CJ was talkative and zgave us the time it needed, to answer all our questions!
So this is nearly a Talk2Much-show, given the length and the in depth talking mode we were in. Thats why we decided to put it out as a „TALK2MUCH presents TURBO-RADIO“-summer special to give you the pleasure to listen to it in full length!
CJ is talking about his life with The Ramones, the roots of punkrock, his date with Julia Roberts, his family, Donald Trumps politics and – of course – all his solo albums up to the newest one!
He’s got a lot to say! Listen to this! 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 !
P.S: The entire show is in English!


1. Los Gusanos – Snake Piss

2. The Ramones – Cretin Family

3. Dee Dee Ramone – The Crusher

4. The Ramones – Boyfriend (Demo)

5. Los Gusanos – Blue Sky

6. CJ Ramone – Won’t Stop Swinging

7. Dee Dee Ramone – Jump In The Fire

8. Los Gusanos – Quick To Cut

9. Social Unrest – Making Room For Youth

10. The Gotohells – I Wanna Be A Ramone

11. P.I.L. – This Is Not A Love Song

12. Kyra – Punkrock Ist Nicht Tot

13. The Ramones – Bonzo Goes To Bitburg

14. The Dickies – See My Way

15. The Damned – Democracy?

16. Nerf Herder – Jenna Bush Army

17. CJ Ramone – Tommy’s Gone

18. Terrorgruppe – Dee Dee

19. Roy Orbison – Oh, Pretty Woman

10. Gigantor – Ramone Control

11. CJ Ramone – Three Angels

13. Born Cool – Soundtrack Of My Life