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With the upcoming end of the French Election wich is involving Marine le Pen and Emmanuel Macron for the final. We already know that something is about to change for France and Europe. Marine Le Pen and the “Front National” represent the extreme-right wings in France. Even if most of the French citizens who voted do not share values and history of this political party, enough of them made that choice and allowed her to go the final round. What is the deep meaning of this? European state where partly build on the concept of nation with different understanding of this concept. The state of our western democracy from The United States to France democracy show us that there is a systemic and spiritual crisis of our societies. Are we at the dawn of a new era of fascism?

Traditional politicals movement  were wiped out for the final round of the French election. New movement of independent people appeared represented by Jean-Luc Melenchon with “La France Insoumise” or Emmanuel Macron with “En Marche”. They made their ways with news proposal, new methodology and they are backed by the endorsement of citizens, those who were not interested by the former political movements and those who were just fed up by the system. Emmanuel Macron seems to ne the next president of France. But he is very criticized in France becauce of his past as a former Banker at Rothschild and as the policy-maker of the economic program of François Hollande.  Is it a true renewal of our political system? Europe is at stake in this election not only France and we have to figure out at which extent.

Does the future of our democracy rely on the change of content? Then which one, fascism or open society? Just the change of the people representing us? The involvement of the people in the decision-making process? Unless Democracy is over and we have not realized it.