Jester‘s Soundtracks – 06.03.2017 – Keith & Frank

Jester’s Soundtracks
  • Jester‘s Soundtracks – 06.03.2017 – Keith & Frank
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I met Keith last month (February 2017) at Café BUNA in Graz. He turned out to be a huge Soundtrack/Movie buff, just like me. He was playing the original Rocky Horror Picture Show OST on the record player in the Café, which he just purchased at In&Out Records. Our conversation went like this:

Me: do you wanna be on my show and play and talk about Soundtracks?

Keith: Sure!!! And I know this guy, Frank, he’d also be perfect for your show.

Me: Hell Yeah!!!

– – – So here they are, my guests, friends & co-hosts: Keith & Frank!


Frank‘s Top 5 Soundtracks:

  1. House by the Cemetery – „Tema Bambini“
  2. Poltergeist – „Contacting the other side“
  3. Jaws II – „Attack Of The Water Skier“
  4. Only Lovers Left Alive – „Tunnel of Love“
  5. Sons Of Anarchy – „Son of a Preacher Man“


Keith‘s Top 5 Soundtracks

  1. The Big Lebowski „just dropped in (to see what condition my condition was in)“ by Kenny Rogers and the first edition
  2. Jackie Brown „Across 110th street“ by bobby Womack
  3. „Theme from the Warriors“ by Barry DeVorzon
  4. True Stories „wild wild life“ by the talking heads
  5. Darjeeling Ltd. „This time tomorrow“ by the kinks
  6. (Bonustrack) The Warriors „in the city“ By Joe Walsh

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