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Solidarökonomie in Brasilien – English/Portuguese
Examples of successful solidarity-based initiatives, many of them on a local scale, include consumer-producer communities, local exchange trading systems, giveaway shops, open-source projects, repair cafés, house and garden projects and lots more. As initiatives such as these thrive, and show what the solidarity economy can achieve, more and more people are looking to them as an alternative way of living and working. 23 project partners call it SUSY – „SUstainability and SolidaritY in Economy“!, an EU-funded project that is carried out until 2018 and brings people from all over the world together to share experiences. Südwind in Austria is one of the project partners and invited Elisabeth Grimberg and Gilberto Ohta de Oliviera from Brazil, which is an important country of solidarity economy. Bernhard Leubolt translates the interview.
Berichte über Solidarökonomie in Brasilien und Österreich
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