America First, but Radiofabrik Second?

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Dear Mr. President,

This is a message from the free, non-governmental radiostation „Radiofabrik“

So listen Donald, we are the best radiostation in Austria, everybody listens to us, it’s true. We have the most people listening to us, everything else told is fake news, totally fake. For anybody who won’t believe me, i have alternative facts which say this is true, trust me.  Every other station, total losers.

We have the best music, it’s true. But, no mexican music, trust me, totally, no mexican music, you’ll love it.

And we ban everybodywho says something we don’t like. Trust me Donald. One there was this guy, telling fake news, something about god or something, i don’t know excactly anymore. But, we kicked hin out. Totally kicked him out. Total loser.

And, Donald, we have a big smoking ban here at Radiofabrik. Trust me, really big ban. We built signs everywehere. It’s true. They’re great. Big signs, we built them. Everybody can see them. And we let the communists pay for it. Bad people. Smoke everywhere. Very Sad.

But, Donald,  if some fools smoke in here, we grab ‚em by the cigarettes, because Roken is dodelijk. It’s true. It’s fun. Real fun. You will love it.

But Donald, there might be something you don’t like. We don’t do advertising. We are an advertisement free radio. So, sorry, we can’t help Ivanka. Really sorry. Really bad.

So Donald listen, I totally understand that it has to be „America first“, but can we just say, Radiofabrik second?

And if you want to push the red button to destroy Radiofabrik, we are in Vienna, at the Küniglberg.

oh, PS Donald: Last, one thing: my shwo is named „Roken is dodelijk“. That’s dutch. You know, like thepeople who started this shit, and now everybody is doing it, and doing it better. Total losers.

Best wishes. We have the best wishes. Trust me. It’s true.

And Donald, here’s a last message for you:



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