• 31-1-17 Women's March
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Donald Trump’s inauguration marks the beginning of change for the United States. With every presidential election there will always be some celebrating and others disappointed. Due to the current polarity in politics this inauguration weekend was even more historically significant, and the way in which people spent their weekend was drastically different among party lines, and beyond.
An open, nonpartisan invitation for recordings or statements from events relating to the inauguration was sent to people across the USA. Tune in to hear the firsthand accounts of the historic happenings on January 20-21st, 2017. It is important to remain unbiased in an era of threatened journalism, and to keep in mind that inclusion of differing ideologies may be the best way to understand one another and combat the censorship of critical information.

Produced by Lauren Wagner




“A String“ instrumental by Loch Lomond, http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Loch_Lomond

“This Land Is Your Land: A Tribute To Bernie Sanders“, http://signalkitchen.com/this-land-is-your-land-a-tribute-to-bernie-sanders/