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Ever heard of Internet reviewers like the Angry Video Game Nerd or Nostalgia Critic. These guys prefer to review bad movies and video games. One of my favorite Reviewers is Noah Antwiler, aka. The Spoony One. On his website „spoonyexperiment.com“ he reviews Video Games, Movies, Boardgames and Wrestlingshows.

Among his most famous reviews are the Reb Brown B-Movies from the 80s, Final Fantasy 8, 10 and 13, a retrospective of Richard Garriots Ultima Game Series and his Let’s Play of SWAT4.

He also tells witty anecdotes of his experiences with Dungeons and Dragons, which he calls „Counter Monkey“.

Over the years I’ve been a dedicated follower of The Spoony One and gathered a Collection of Spoony-Soundtracks which I wanna play.

I’m also gonna talk a little about Brad Jones, he from thecinemasnob.com, who is an avid fan of shlock B-Movies, Pornos and in general movies you’ve probably never heared of before, mostly from the 60s to the 80s. His site, thecinemasnob.com, features a lot of other shows. For examply my 2nd-favorite show of his, the midnight screening, where he watches movie-premieres with his friends in the cinema and reviews them in his car shortly after.

Tracklist – Music from the Spoony Experiment (and The Cinemasnob)

The Spoony Experiment Theme – The Irresponsibles – Break Me

Austrian Death Machine medley

Spoony and Brad Jones Rocky Review – Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

Spoony and Brad Jones Rocky Review – Rocky Theme: Bill Conti – Gonna Fly Now

The Cinema Snob Theme (Greatest American Hero Theme)

The Cinema Snob – Travis Crabtree Song

Spoony – Reb Brown Reviews – Oliver Onions – Black Inferno

Spoony – Yor: Hunter from the Future OST – Yor’s World

Spoony’s SWAT 4 Let’s play – Inner Circle – Bad Boys

Spoony’s SWAT 4 Let’s play – SW.A.T. Theme (Intro)

Spoony – Counter Monkey – Van Canto – The Bard s Song – In The Forest