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Stefan Fraunberger is an experimental musician , sound artist, and linguist living. Ahead of his appearance at Berghain for CTM Festival in Berlin, Fraunberger has assembled a mix introducing you to his unique soundworld. Surreal playlist details below!

„the mix contains some of my music / concepts for dulcimers and rotten church organs as well as a few strange fieldrecordings scattered in which i have done in the last years all over.“ – Stefan

email // globalunderground@o94.at
twitter // @tristan_bath


barzakh – hereafter / in between, for electromagnetic santur, electr. and interval crisis. // its a part of the live recording from last years donaufestival. the premiere of the comissioned work which i will perform in a transformed version on 1. feb. at ctm / berghain.

the live rec slides into a fieldrec i ve done at „suq al ahad“ – the sunday market in beirut in 2014. hundreds of birds in cages mixing with vendours megaphones and a view generators…

fades into a recording i ve done a few weeks before in teheran, iran. its a studio recording – no editing. a duo with two santurs: the great female santur player – tehrans very own Atoosa Afshari and myself improvising on of my favourite dulcimer patterns. name:“Ornamental Noise #3″.

then we jump 8 years back to the „suq al-ahad“ – eastern aleppos steelworkers market / by now ereased by common powers of the „civilised world“ – what we hear is the hammering of steelworkers plus two gentle muazzins joining in for azan (evening prayer) – i named it „once there was a song and a hammer in aleppo / requiem“

continiuing to a recording i ve done october 2016 in varanasi / india on an indian style santoor (dulcimer) which is quite different to the persian one i normally use. no cuts and no edits. its as i played / recorded it in my flat in varanasi. serves as a part of the soundtrack i do for the south african movie production „the woodwind“… the track is called: „The Great Game“

moving on to a recording i did with a quite ruined romanian dulcimer in the bushes somewhere in the outkirts of vienna called: „bushsideminiature #3“

that goes into a zoroastrian recitation of the avesta i recroded in the outback of the zagros range in iran in 2014. dont tell the mullas… (:

moving through some waterscapes to a recording i did in india in 2010 – an old blind man sitting near the way and singing a song… thousands of birds were joining him – love em.

finally moving to the 20 full minutes of the B side of my recent vinyl release „Quellgeister #2 Wurmloch“ / recorded in the romanian village of Valea Viilor / Wormhole.
it s the second part of my sonic archeological series for left alone and semi-ruined organs in deserted saxon church fortresses in central Transylvania.