• Global Underground 39 Synthetic Brutalism
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Following last week’s introduction to primal electronics, this week we check out musicians using synthetic techniques to form jagged juddering juggernauts akin to the vast regular shapes of Le Corbusier, exerting themes of power, control, and artifice. Occasional you can dance to it too.

email // globalunderground@o94.at
twitter // @tristan_bath


Daniel BrandtThe White Of The Eye (Germany)
EmptysetDescent (UK)
Computer Says NoTout à Moi (Poland)
DivusA2 (Italy)
Takahiro Mukai – #9014 (Japan)
Klaas Hübnersingle tube (Germany)
$$$TAG$$$During The Eclipse (Egypt)
Mats ErlandssenClass And Commodity II (Sweden)
AshraSunrain (Germany)
Pan Sonic & Keiji HainoUntitled 8 (Finland / Japan(
Günter SchlienzGames at the Creek (Germany)