• Global Underground 37 - Starting Things Right
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So – that was an uneventful 12 months internationally speaking, EH?? Without tempting fate too much, 2017 is the year we’re all going to feel good again. I can feel it. To prove it to you, our first new show of 2017 is fit to bursting with new and upcoming releases and acts good enough to return the faith in humanity you saw greatly diminished by the tribulations of 2016.

email // globalunderground@o94.at
twitter // @tristan_bath


  1. Bargou 08Wazzaa (Tunisia)
  2. Awa PouloNoumou Foli (Mali)
  3. goatGhosts Part 1 (Japan)
  4. Euros Childs – Pick It Up (Wales)
  5. Le Ton MitéDécalage Horaire / Oude Dworp (Belgium)
  6. Mario BatkovicQuatere (Switzerland / Bosnia)
  7. Amadou Binta Konté and Tidiane ThiamDialélam (Senegal)
  8. Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa BoucheTrans-Pop Express (Canada)
  9. TamikrestWainan Adobat (Mali)
  10. Ahmed Malek & FlakoTape 12 Track 1 (Algeria / Germany)
  11. El Mahdy, Jr. – Die Before You Die, Side 2, excerpt (Algeria)
  12. Ibibio Sound MachineThe Pot Is On Fire (UK)