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A Poet In Flames

All Poems, voice and sounds by: Melissa la Flamme


Randy Welch, Executive Producer/ Co-creator; musical arrangement, digital mixing and mastering

Sam Silver, co-producer, digital mixing and mastering

Music by:

Turm & Strang




Melissa La Flamme is an extraordinary poet and my first featured poet from Denver / USA.

She describes herself as an author, poet, writer, publisher, cultural evolutionary and troublemaker.

And truly, that is what she is: a mesmeric, transcending writer, who calls in another level of being.

That is what she is for. A poet in flames.

Deeply interwoven with her work as a Jungian and Shamanic Psychotherapist, she sources from these depths of insight, and pours those call’s of the soul into perls of poetry.

Bringing ashore inspiring, demanding, vibrant, living, juicy, loving words for a revolution of tenderness in a world that has forgotten how to love. What the fuck, yes?

That is what you are for. A soul infused artist of your own love and life.

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15. Dezember 2016
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15. Dezember 2016
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