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In this edition of Potluck you’ll be hearing 55 uninterrupted minutes of Lucinda Williams’ The Ghosts of Highway 20. My favorite Album of 2016.
The 63 year old Williams, the grande dame of Americana, brings together the guitarists Greg Leisz and Bill Frisell, who both set their signature in the opening cords on this somber album dealing with lost, death and one’s own mortality.
The Album is 86 Minutes long and the majority of the songs are over 5 minutes long giving Williams the time to develop long poetic narratives.
The LP and playlist open with the song Dust, the lyrics written by Williams’ father, the poet Miller Williams, who died in 2015. The show closes with „If My Love Could Kill“, written as a testament to her father’s death from Alzheimer’s.

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Dust by Lucinda Williams ©
House of Earth by Lucinda Williams ©
I Know All About It by Lucinda Williams ©
Place In My Heart by Lucinda Williams ©
Death Came by Lucinda Williams ©
Doors of Heaven by Lucinda Williams ©
Louisiana Story by Lucinda Williams ©
Ghosts of Highway 20 by Lucinda Williams ©
If My Love Could Kill by Lucinda Williams ©
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14. Dezember 2016
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14. Dezember 2016
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