• F-Sendung 83-84-Sat.Night(Quer d.d.Bank Schwerp.Country)
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Play List:

  1. 74-BRAD PAISLEY – Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy
  3. 76-ALAN JACKSON – If We Make It Through December
  4. 77-ALAN JACKSON – Please Daddy
  5. 78-ALAN JACKSON – Honky Tonk Christmas
  6. 79-CHET ATKINS – Jingle Bell Rock (Instrumental)
  7. 80-STATLER BROTHERS – Flowers On The Wall
  8. 81-STING – One Fine Day
  9. 82-SANDRA – Everlasting Love
  10. 83-CLINT BLACK – Slow As Christmas
  11. 84-PAPERMOON – Merry Christmas Everyone
  12. 85-NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK – Merry Merry Christmas
  13. 86-TRUCK STOP – Weihnachtstraum Montana
  14. 87-DOUG STONE – When December Comes Around
  15. 88-COUNTRY MUSIC ALLSTARS – White Christmas Makes Me Blue
  16. 89-UDO JÜRGENS – Merry Christmas Allerseits
Fremdmaterial in F-Sendung 83-84-Sat.Night(Quer d.d.Bank Schwerp.Country)
Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy by Brad Paisley ©
Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley ©
If We Make It Through December by Alan Jackson ©
Please Daddy by Alan Jackson ©
Honky Tonk Christmas by Alan Jackson ©
Jingle Bell Rock by Chet Atkins ©
Flowers On The Wall by Statler Brothers ©
One Fine Day by Sting ©
Everlasting Love by Sandra ©
Slow As Christmas by Clint Black ©
Merry Christmas Everyone by Papermoon ©
Merry Merry Christmas by New Kids On The Block ©
Weihnachtstraum Montana by Truck Stop ©
When December Comes Around by Doug Stone ©
White Christmas Makes Me Blue by Country Music Allstars ©
Merry Christmas Allerseits by Udo Jürgens ©