• Beats for the Streets - 5-Dez-16 A - FERTIG
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Interpret: The Breath  – Album: “Carry Your kin”  – Song: “For You”

Interpret: Steve Gunn  – Album: “Eyes on the lines”  – Song: The Drop”

Interpret: Mavis Staples  – Album: “Livin on a High Note”  – Song: Jesus lay down beside me”

Interpret: Joseph  – Album: “I am alone, You are not”  – Song: Hundred Ways”

Interpret: Willie Nelson – sings Gershwin  – Album: “Summertime“  – Song: „Someone to watch over me“

Interpret: Shearwater  – Album: “Jet plane and oxbow”  – Song: Wildlife in America

Interpret: Brad Mehldau  – Album: “Blues and ballads“  – Song: “ And I love her”

Interpret: Bears Den  – Album: “Red Earth and Pouring rain“  – Song: “Red Earth…….

Interpret: John Scofield  – Album: “Country for old men”  – Song: “Mr. Fool”

Interpret: James  – Album: “Girl at the End of the world”  – Song: Nothing but love”

Interpret: Tree Top Flyers  – Album: “Polomino”  – Song: “Never been as heard”

Interpret: Dinosaur jr.  – Album: “Give a climpse of what yer not”  – Song:”Mirror”

Interpret: Charles Lloyd and the Marvels  – Album: “I long to see You”  – Song: “Masters of War”

Interpret: Michelle Stodart  – Album: “Pieces”  – Song: “Come back home”

Interpret: Zucchero  – Album: “Black Cat”  – Song: “Hey Lord”

Interpret: Norah Jones  – Album: “Day Breaks”  – Song: “Burn”

Interpret: Lucinda Williams   – Album: “The Ghost of Highway 20”  – Song: “Dust”

Interpret: Lang Lang  – Album: “New York Rhapsody“  – Song: “Empire state of mind”

Interpret: Deacon Blue  – Album: “Believers”  – Song: “Gone”

Interpret: Devon Allman  – Album: “Ride or die“  – Song: „Pleasure and pain“

Interpret: Jesu/Sun kill Moon  – Album: “detto”  – Song: “Father’s day”

Interpret: Jonas Kaufmann  – Album: “Dolce Vita”  – Song: “Volare”

Interpret: Pretenders  – Album: “Alone”  – Song: “Blue eyed sky”

Interpret: Mark Kozelek  – Album: “Sings Favorites“  – Song: „Send in the clowns“


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