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Phong Tran is a musician and cataloguer of South Asian materials at the Library of Congress, living in the Washington DC area. In addition to his musical projects Halo Valley and The Shouts from the Sea, Phong is part of the Maple House Collective which organizes shows at Rhizome. You can find him on twitter as @boxwalla.

For this week’s show, Phong has made a killer mix for us: „These are from tapes in my collection. All Indic folk and ‚light‘ classical forms. There’s a touch of Carnatic classical in the Rajeshwari Padmanabhan track. It’s like travelling back in time to when I was there and finding these tapes.“

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  1. Yamlajat Mukh Tera Chann – Hits of Lalchand Yamlajat
  2. Mehrauddin Langa – Rag Sorath – Folk Music of Rajasthan
  3. Pandit Kumar GandharvaUdjayega Hans Akela – Nirgun ke Gun
  4. Rajeshwari PadmanabhanDaridhapuleka – Veena Classical
  5. Siddheshwari DeviDadra: Paani Bhare Ri Kaun – Smt. Siddheshwari Devi
  6. Krishna Bhatt composition (home recording)
  7. Barkat Ali Khan – Mora Saiyan Tanak Dhun Lae – Haunting Thumris of
  8. Bismillah KhanDhun – Meeting a Milestone
  9. Purna Das Baul Jemon Beni Temni Robey – Bengali Folk Songs
  10. Ustad Ali Mohammad Sheikh – Pyari Cham Na Nender – Kashmiri Melodies Vol. II

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