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  • 2016 10 Medicine, HIV AIDS, the fantastic therapy for it and the social consequences
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Untreated, AIDS almost always leads to death. The treatment of HIV/AIDS is ART (antiretroviral therapy). To start ART early is fantastically successful. Admitted, even early start of ART does not cure anyone, but infected persons now will live significantly longer and better, and infect far fewer non-infected persons. This was the clear result of the large international clinical study START. ART can be only one a single tablet per day, but often, it is a combination treatment. Reliably taking 3 or 4 different medicinal drugs every day, for many years, can be difficult. Plus, if one sways oneself in a false sense of security, one can make mistakes. In addition, some politicians and opponents of AIDS have made decisions which do not have the goal of public health. And ART is expensive. Many social consequences arise from all this.

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