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Philipp Stummer, geb. 1977 in Linz, aufgewachsen in Viechtwang/Almtal
My name is Philipp Stummer, I was born in Austria. I have studied Dance Education at Bruckner Conservatory Linz (1992-1996) and Professional Dance at P.A.R.T.S in Brussels (1996-1999). I lived in Belgium and Holland and now in England. Until I was 35 years old, I was a professional dancer. I travelled all over the world performing contemporary dance pieces with companies like Galili Dance and Motionhouse. I had a very successful career and thoroughly enjoyed my work as it was creative, exciting and challenging. I met many very interesting people and especially enjoyed the creative and varied aspect of this work. I have also composed my own music and played the drums throughout my life.

I truly love my second career as a furniture designer and creator. Every day I channel my creativity and my love of precision into my furniture. I really enjoy watching my projects grow and take on a life of their own as I am creating them. Once I have finished a piece, and I am completely happy with the curves, the straight edges and the finishing, then, only at that moment, am I truly satisfied. I have recently been awarded: The Gordon Russell Award, The Andrew Varah Award and the City & Guilds Medal for Excellence. Especially proud I am of the ‘Mini Maestro’ I created in 2015. Mini Maestro made second price at the Young Furnitures Company Innovation Award, and first price at the YFM Company Design Award. In conjunction with my studies I was working for Armando Magnino on a big project for the Shakespeare Birth Place Trust, and now, as a self-employed designer and maker I am currently working on commissions and producing a series of Mini Maestros.



Musik: Fela Kuti/Expensive Shit: It’s Not Possible, 1975; Leipziger Streichquartett/Ludwig van Beethofen: Große Fuge op. 133, 2007; Philipp Stummer/Philipp Stummer’s Album: Harpuna, 2009; Four Tet/There Is Love in You: Sing, 2010; Philipp Stummer/Philipp Stummer’s Album: Gods Of Astronauts, 2009; Zero 7/Simple Things: I Have Seen, 2001; Zusatz: 4Hero Feat. Face/Play with the Changes: Look Inside, 2008; Zero 7/When It Falls: Home, 2004; L.T.J. Bukem/Logical Progression: Bringing Me Down, 1996



Eine Sendung über Zeitgenössischen Tanz. Gerlinde Roidinger spricht mit Kunst- und Kulturschaffenden über Tanz, Theater und Performance, untersucht Bewegungsimpulse und erforscht Tanz im theatralen, öffentlichen und ländlichen Raum. Tanz im Gespräch. Eine Einladung zu einer bewegten Entdeckungsreise.

Monatlich, am 1. Sonntag – 19:07-20:30 Uhr
WH: Monatlich, am 3. Montag – 10:07-11:30 Uhr