Radio Netwatcher vom 23.9.2016 – re:publica 2016 – Beyond driving – how a car of the near future could look like

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  • Radio Netwatcher vom 23.9.2016 - re:publica 2016 – Beyond driving – how a car of the near future could look like
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Industrie 4.0 und das Internet der Dinge im Fahrzeugbau

Mister Prashanth Halady von der Firma Bosch spricht auf der Republica 2016 über den Autobau und Industrie 4 punkt null. Welche Chancen sich für selbstfahrende Autos ergeben und wo die Risiken bestehen.

The world of mobility is on it’s way to disruptive changes. Cars of the future will be connected with the outer world and will drive autonomous with an electrified power-train. This will have a major impact on the way the future automotive interiors are going to look like and how they are going to be used. Based on these trends, at Bosch we see the automotive interiors evolving into what we call as the 3rd living space. See and discuss the future car Human Machine Interface and user experience.
What does it mean for the passengers, when the car of the future will drive autonomous? What you will do with this extra time? Bosch is one of the worlds leading developers of these new technologies. We think, a totally new design of automotive interiors will change the way we use – and feel – cars in a groundbreaking way. That’s wthat we call the 3rd living space:

a space, which is going to redefine the existing boundaries between office, home and the automotive interiors,
a space, that is so personalized to your tastes, habits and behavior that it will seem to appear to be an extension of yourself
a space, that makes you feel safe and secure as you are on the move, whether you are encountering situations along the road or at stand still
a space, that offers you a seamless experience of all different devices in the car that interact with you in tandem to understand and satisfy your needs


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