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Playlist  Sendung  vom 18. Mai2016

“Beats for the streets” meets “Contrast” – 2 Stunden Live Musik Show von und mit
Szenebeobachter Roland Holzwarth  und  Christian Aichmayr

Interpret: Kurt Vile
Album: “Believe I am going down“
Song: “Lost my head here”
anno 2015

Interpret: Prince Rama
Album: “Top 10 Hits of the world”
Song: “Those who live…….”
anno 2012

Interpret: Charles Lloyd and the Marvels
Album: “I long to see You”
Song: “Masters of War”

Interpret: K – X – P
Album: “III Part 2”
Song: “Obsolute and Beyond”
anno 2016

Interpret: Africaine 808”
Album: “Basar”
Song: “The Lord is a Woman”
anno 2016

Interpret: Foals –
Album: “Holy Fire”
Song: “Late night” – Salomon Remix
anno 2015

Interpret: Shearwater –
Album: “Jet Plane and Oxbow”
Song: “Wildlife in America”
anno 2016

Interpret: Scritti Politti –
Album: “Cupid and Psyche”
Song: “A little knowledge”
anno 1985
nterpret: Dino Sabatini –
Album: “Omonimo – Omonimo” –
Song: “Its my forest” – “Follow me” – The Unexspected“ –
anno 2016

Interpret: Methyl Ethel –
Album: “On Inhuman Spectacle” –
Song: “Idee Fixe” –
anno 2016

Interpret: Lucinda Williams –
Album: “Just a little bit more Faith and grace” –
Song: “Faith and Grace” – Dub and Space Remix –
anno 2016

Interpret: Eric Burdon
Album: “Till Your River runs dry”
Song: “River is rising”
anno 2013

Interpret: Allman Brothers Band”
Album: “Idlewild South”
Song: “In Memory of Elisabeth Reed”
anno 1971