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In this o94 MUSIK-SPEZIAL we will talk about „Frail Affinities“, a multi-part work by the collective Saint Genet. The six-day performance premieres at this years donaufestival in Krems.

We open the show with a live-performance of the Prelude of Frail Affinities and talk about the development of the piece and learn more about the story behind:
„The 72-hour performance-installation in April last year, which involved a procession from an abandoned factory in Traiskirchen to the centre of Vienna, is the seed for Ryan Mitchell’s new migration tragedy, which will be presented at donaufestival.“ (donaufestival program 2016)

In our studio:
Director/Text: Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell
Composers: Brian Lawlor (piano/synth), D. Salo (piano/synth)
Emily Stewart (violin), Judith Reiter (viola), Julia Pichler (violin), Lukas Lauermann (cello)