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The first Danube Streamwaves program of Civil Radio in Budapest, Hungary was edited and presented by Gábor Géczi as part of the show titled Sound Picture Hall. The show was aired on March 7, 2016 – and will be broadcast in all the other 3 partner stations in March, 2016.

In this program we tried to give you an initial cross section of the current Hungarian popular music scene.
In the first half of the radio program a few Hungarian rock bands are introduced mostly from the capital, Budapest. Some of them are working in sub-genres like hardpop, urban rock, jungle rockabilly or reggae. The latter is still quite popular among the young generation.

The second half of the Civil Radio music program gives you a wider variety of music genres including Hungarian folk music mixed with world music, latin music, rhythm & blues and finally jazz. Some of these bands are based in rural cities of the Western part of Hungary. All of the bands presented in the show give concerts regularly both home and abroad.

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