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There is many a song I know and love because of YouTube, and everybody knows or at least has heard of YouTube before. So I dedicate this episode of Jester’s Soundtracks to … YouTube???

No, wait, to me! I dedicate this show to ME!!! Haaaahaha, Haaaaaahahaha, Har Har Har Har… Ahhhm, yeah.

Yeah, I’m gonna play YouTube-Songs and Clips, like have you ever listened to „Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain“? No? Well, you’re gonna hear it here, on Jester’s YouTube-Soundtracks.


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Otherside by Silent Hill OST ©
Too Close To Paradise by Sylvester Stallone ©
Tomorrow Never Dies by Swan Lee ©
Tomorrow Never Dies by Sheryl Crow ©
Swan's Splashdown by JJ Perrey and Gershon Kingsley ©
Adam's Hotel by Eumir Deodato ©
Devil or Angel by Bobby Vee ©
This Way by Young Marbel Giants ©
Miss You by The Rapture ©
Where Evil Grows by Gore Gore Girls ©
Pretty Pet by Aberdeen City ©