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We are dedicating current „Listen to the female hits“ broadcast to the RIOT GRRRL music!

The Riot Grrrl Movement began in the early 1990s by Washington State band Bikini Kill and lead singer Kathleen Hanna. Riot Grrrl is a feminist, political and musical movement, and it emerged also third wave of feminism.

In 2015, the American City of Boston declared 9th of April a Riot Grrrl Day. The former Bikini Kill singer Kathleen Hanna was being honoured on the occasion of her visit to Boston to speak at the city’s Wilbur theatre on “art, music, writing, trends, women and more”.


1. Bikini Kill – Sugar
2. Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl
3. Le Tigre – Riot grrrl
4. Luise Pop – Fast And Frightening
5. Aivery – You Got Lost
6. Dominatrix – Die Die
7. Blessed Noise – Puta Sociedad
8. Bitchslap – Fall Out
9. The Mullettes – My Ruin
10. Squab – Call it Rust
11. Respect My Fist – Radikal Tanzbar
12. Räuberhöhle – I’m Not Part Of The Shit
13. Gretel’s Revenge – A Bitch For President
14. Gorgeous Got A Gun – DLMG
15. The Ragnoutaz – Boy Cheerleade
16. Hooker – I Almost Miss You
17. Decibelles – The End Of A Reign
18. Terminal Parade – The Castle Of Disco Hell