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Opening the 2016 season of „Innuendo“, and as a sort of reminder of the events of January 7th 2015, I had two wonderful guests in the studio: Elodie and Lizzie, our lovely French students. Already in St. Pölten for 3 years, they have decided to stay at the University of Applied Sciences after their Erasmus program was over, having fallen in love with Austria and the Austrian people. We talked about the differences in the educational system in France and elsewhere, as well as what it means to be French, as best as we could. Besides good food, good wine  and longer opening hours for the shops, we payed our respects to the French humor and ability to make fun of all things that deserve being made fun of: silly things. Even though the premise of the show was a rather sad and concerning one we ended on an optimistic note, coming to realize that all the horror we have witnessed last year has brought about a more stable and secure policy around Europe. Lizzie and Elodie have brought not only a smile on our faces, but also good music, such as Tryo with „Ce Que L’On S’Aime“ and Téléphone with „New York avec toi“, to which I added the The Limiñanas with „Une ballade pour Clive“ and unforgettable Ella Fitzgerald’s „I love Paris“. If 2015 I started by saying „Je suis Charlie“, 2016 I definitely have to say „J’aime la France“

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